Water is the basis of life and a precious resource. Safe and clean water is needed for drinking, recreation, fishing, maintaining ecosystem integrity, and commercial uses such as agricultural and industrial production. The Community’s health, economy, and quality of life depend on reliable sources of clean water. Waterfowl, fish, and other aquatic life that live in and on the water, as well as plants, animals, and other life forms in the Community’s ecosystems are dependent on clean water.


There are many issues and challenges in ensuring the continued quality and health of these water resources. Water quality is an issue that affects everyone. As water quality decreases, water resources become unusable; and in some cases, even potentially harmful.


The mission of the Department of Environmental Quality Water Quality Program is to protect, maintain, and enhance the quality of the surface and underground waters for appropriate beneficial uses; and protect public health and aquatic life through eliminating, reducing, and preventing the impact of pollutants discharged to surface water and groundwater.


Our core responsibilities include:


  • Establishing water quality standards
  • Identifying water pollution problems
  • Issuing permits to protect waters from pollution
  • Investigating violations of water quality laws and permits
  • Monitoring and assessing the quality of surface water, groundwater, and aquatic habitat
  • Establishing wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse standards and requirements
  • River and wetland restoration for aquatic habitat and water quality
  • Establishing ground water cleanup standards
  • Provide technical assistance to Community departments


The GRIC DEQ Water Quality Program enforces and regulates wastewater and reclaimed water standards based on GR-04-16, The 2016 Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Management Ordinance, which:


  • Provides for the proper disposal and management of wastewater and septage
  • Provides minimum performance standards and water quality limits for wastewater treatment
  • Provides safe utilization of reclaimed water, which is a valuable resource.


2016 Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Management Ordinance