The first GRIC Solid Waste Ordinance became effective in 1995. During initial years of the ordinance GRIC waste program activities included closing the two (2) open-dump landfills serving the Community, initiating a routine municipal waste (residential and business) pickup service, and opening a transfer station for shipping to an off-site solid waste landfill.


Since then, under the GRIC “Integrated Waste Management Plan” (the DEQ Solid Waste Management Plan) and with the assistance from EPA grants, the Waste Management Program has been responsible for ensuring that solid and hazardous waste do not adversely affect human health and the environment. The program staff inspects industrial facilities, conducts environmental investigations of past and present disposal of waste, addresses Brownfield cleanups, provides oversight to underground storage tank (UST) installations/removals, and provides technical and regulatory assistance to first responders  during emergency incidents that involve hazardous materials/hazardous waste. The Waste Management Program provides oversight during solid and hazardous waste remediation projects. The Program also provides technical assistance to Community departments and enterprises, as well as industrial facilities that store, transport, or generate hazardous waste.


The program works with the GRIC Police Department and the Department of Public Works to combat illegal dumping which has become a major problem with the growing urban development along the boundaries of the Community. The program continues to collaborate with other GRIC departments to ensure annual clean-up events—such as Earth Day Community Cleanup and Household Hazardous Waste Collections—are successful.


Implementing a full-scale recycling program has been challenging within the Community, due to the Community’s large size and lack of resources. The Waste Management Program continues to face these challenges and work toward solutions and recycling opportunities throughout the Community.


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