Air Quality Flag Program

Sacaton Middle School AQFP


The Air Quality Flag Program is a notification system that raises awareness of local air quality conditions and allows for Community Members and Community visitors to take action to protect their health, especially those with asthma. 

The Department began the implementation of the Air Quality Flag Program in the Summer of 2015. The following schools and Community facilities are currently participating in the Air Quality Flag Program:


  • GRIC Department of Environmental Quality
  • Governance Center
  • Ira H. Hayes Memorial Library
  • Blackwater Community School
  • Casa Blanca Community School
  • Gila Crossing Community School
  • Sacaton Middle School
  • Maricopa Village Christian School
  • District 7 Service Center


Each participant raises a colored flag each day based on how clean or polluted the air is. Each flag color is based on the colors of the Air Quality Index.