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 P.O. Box 97
168 Skill Center Road
Sacaton, AZ 85147


Director : Lisa Gover

Office: (520) 562-2234



Contact Sr. Environment Planner & Policy Analyst


Sr. Environment Planner & Policy Analyst: Shea Pablo


Office: (520) 562-2799


Contact Education & Outreach


Environmental Education & Outreach Specialist: Tison Gill


Office: (520) 562-2766


Contact the Air Quality Program


Environmental Program Manager: Ryan Eberle


Office: (520)796-3781


Contact the Pesticide Control Office


Environmental Program Manager: Daniel F. Hoyt


Office: (520) 562-2765


Contact the Waste Management Program


Environmental Program Manager: Rudy Mix


Office: (520) 562-2769


Contact the Water Quality Program


Acting Environmental Program Manager: Manuel Fontes


Office: (520) 562-2775


Contact the Wildlife & Ecosystems Management Program


Environmental Program Manager: Ashton Lynch


Office: (520) 562-2747


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