GROUNDWATER - A Precious Resource Out of Sight


Groundwater is the sole source for drinking water in the Community. Once contaminated, groundwater is difficult to clean, requiring many years and great expense.  Therefore, protecting ground water from potential pollution sources is vital. 




Based on Community water quality assessments, the potential for groundwater contamination, the expressed Community desire for groundwater resource management and the current lack of federal water quality regulations regarding management of groundwater quality, the DEQ-WQP is currently in the process of developing a Groundwater Quality Ordinance.



As proposed, this ordinance would  use general and individual permits to manage activities that could impact groundwater quality. The key elements of the ordinance includes the following:  


  • Groundwater Quality Standards
  • Discharge Permit Program
  • Water Well Decommissioning Standards
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Well Drilling and Decommissioning Standards 
  • Environmental Media Sampling Requirements
  • Remedial Action for Groundwater Contamination