The Pesticide Control Office permits businesses that conduct pesticide activities that are regulated by the Pesticide Code.  The Pesticide Code defines a pesticide regulated activity as:


any activity involving the use of a pesticide when that activity is regulated under this chapter.  Examples of pesticide regulated activities include, but are not limited to, the production, transportation, storage, sale, use, and disposal of pesticides, pesticide containers, and pesticide devices, as well as using an animal to assist with identifying infestations or making inspections for the purpose of identifying or attempting to identify infestations.


Before conducting a pesticide regulated activity, owners or operators of a pest management business, growers, and seed treaters must obtain a Pesticide Use Permit by completing a Pesticide Use Permit application packet. 


Once a Pesticide Use Permit application packet is submitted with the required documentation and fee, the Pesticide Control Office reviews the application packet and upon approval, issues the business a Pesticide Use Permit.


Pesticide Use Permit application packet