Residential & Agriculture Burn Permit Application

As required by GRIC Code – Title 17, Chapter 9, Part II, Section 4.7

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Conditions of this permit require the applicant to:

  • Call GRIC Dispatch at 520-562-4511 prior to burning each day for daily permission to burn.
  • Burn between the hours of 9:00AM and 3:00PM during the months of November thru February.
  • Burn only during daylight hours during the months of March thru October.
  • Notify neighbors within one-quarter mile of the burn 24 hours prior to burning.
  • Keep an approved copy of the burn permit on location at the time of burn.
  • All burns are to be extinguished when the GRIC Department of Environmental Quality, the GRIC Fire Department, or the GRIC Department of Public Health makes a determination that inadequate smoke dispersion may cause a potential health problem,
    adverse environmental impact, nuisance, or may be detrimental to public safety.
  • Open burning of the following materials is forbidden:
    Oleander leaves and branches. Garbage resulting from the processing, storage, service or consumption of food; asphalt shingles, tar paper; plastic and rubber products; petroleum products (such as waste crankcase oil, transmission oil and oil filters); transformer oils;
    hazardous material containers including those that contained inorganic pesticides, lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic compounds, tires, shredded or chopped tires, construction debris, debris from demolished homes and trailers homes and asbestos containing materials.

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