Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust

Welcome to the Gila River Indian Community’s (“GRIC” or Community”) webpage for the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust for Indian Tribe Beneficiaries (the “Indian Tribe Trust”). Pursuant to a Notice of Beneficiary Designation (“NBD”) filed by the Trustee with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (the “Court”), the Gila River Indian Community has been designated as a Beneficiary of the Indian Tribe Trust. As a Beneficiary, the Community is responsible for selecting Eligible Mitigation Actions (“EMAs”) and certifying that any such EMA meets all the requirements of the Indian Tribe Trust. The goal of each EMA shall be to achieve reductions of NOx emissions in the United States. Examples of EMAs include replacing 1992-2009 engine model year Class 4 through 8 diesel trucks with 2018 or newer model year diesel trucks.


Each Beneficiary is responsible for oversight of the proposed EMA and each Beneficiary is required to maintain and make publicly available all documentation submitted in support of each funding request and all records supporting all expenditures of EMA funds, subject to applicable laws governing the publication of confidential business information, together with an explanation of the procedure by which the Beneficiary shall make such documentation publicly available.


Semi-annual reports to the Trustee will be posted below.  To obtain a copy of additional documents submitted by the GRIC to the Trustee including the Eligible Mitigation Action funding requests, please visit the Trustee’s website.


For additional questions and information requests, please send an email detailing the request to and include “VW Settlement Information Request” in the subject line. The Community will endeavor to respond to such requests within fifteen (15) business days and, when documents are requested, will advise the individual within that timeframe of the procedure for reviewing such documents consistent with the Community’s laws and policies including, but not limited to, the Community Council Secretary’s Office Public Records Request Policy, GR-127 11, for matters governing the publication of confidential business information and personally identifiable information, and exemptions thereto.


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Subject: “VW Settlement Information Request”


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Ryan Eberle

Air Quality Program Manager

Department of Environmental Quality