Workshop Purpose & Goals


Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) seeks to develop a shared understanding among community members, departments, and industries utilizing diesel vehicles of the impacts related to diesel emissions. GRIC wants to work collaboratively with community and industry members to identify strategies to improve air quality for the area. The goals of this workshop are:


  1. Educate the community on the health impacts associated with diesel pollution
  2. Identify ways to reduce diesel exposure in GRIC
  3. Develop and plan the implementation of strategies to reduce diesel emissions within GRIC
  4. Discuss and commence planning to access funding assistance for Diesel Emission Reduction Projects, including what data is required for funding and how to gather this data.


Workshop material:




In the winter months, inversions occur when cool air above and warm air below become inverted. The warm layer is like a lid and traps the the cold air, along with air pollutants, along the valley floor. The mountains that surround the Community act like a bowl, assisting the warm layer lid by keeping the cold air grounded. Please watch the video below to learn more about inversion.


The Air Quality Program works to reduce air pollution and improve air quality across the Community. Click here to learn about ways in which you can prevent air pollution, such as by conserving electricity, recycling, or walking/biking when possible.