PCO Press

2015 Editions


2015 Summer:    IPM, Termites, Bed Bugs, Pollinator Protection

2015 Fall:            Pest Proofing, Bed Bugs

2015 Winter:       Spills, Glove Selection, Pollinator Protection



2016 Editions


2016 Spring:       Washing pesticides from clothes, Rodent baits, Cockroaches

2016 4th Qtr:      Calibration & Calculations, Reading the Label, Pest Identification



2017 Editions


2017 1st Qtr:      Permit & Certification Renewals, Protecting Pollinators, WPS Revisions

2017 2nd Qtr:     Worker Protection, Is Your Service Vehicle in Compliance, Useful Web-based Pesticide Apps

2017 3rd Qtr:      Section 18, What is an SDS?, New tools under research to combat bed bugs

2017 4th Qtr:      GRIC THD Shout out, Measuring windspeed, Cleaning application equipment, Selecting spray nozzles



2018 Editions


2018 1st Qtr:      Understanding How Pesticides Breakdown in the Environment, Permit & Certification Renewals, Pollinator Update

2018 2nd Qtr:     Endangered and Threatened Species within Gila River

2018 3rd Qtr:      Spray Drift & Temperature Inversions, Certification and Training Update

2018 4th Qtr:      July Gopher Training, Updates to Dicamba Labels, Pollinator Update 



2019 Editions


2019 1st Qtr:      The Glyphosate Debate, Permit & Certification Renewals

2019 2nd Qtr:     Antimicrobial Pesticides, Minimum Risk Pesticides, Pollinator Update, Permit & Certifications

2019 3rd Qtr:     Specialized Training for CAs, Sulfoxaflor, Pesticide Environmental Stewadship

2019 4th Qtr:     Pest Pressure & Climate Change, Learning More About Termites, Tribal Pesticide Program



2020 Editions


2020 1st Qtr:     EPA Proposes AEZ Rule Change, Drift & Inversions Update, Permit & Certification Renewals

2020 2nd Qtr:    DEQ Relocation, EPA Pollinator Protection Efforts, PCO eLearning

2020 3rd Qtr:    Disinfectant Use Webinar, EPA Pollinator Protection Efforts, PCO eLearning Launch 

2020 4th Qtr:    PCO eLearning Launch, WPS: Training for Trainers, Aquatic Life Benchmarks for Registered Pesticides


2021 Editions


2021 1st Qtr:    Re-opening Tribal Facilities, EPA Halts Illegal Amazon Pesticide Sales, Authorization Reminder

2021 2nd Qtr:    Proper Glove Selection, Record Keeping Requirements, Secondary Container requirements

2021 3rd Qtr:    New Inspectors, Pest Control & Pesticide Safety, Heat Stress

2021 4th Qtr:    Invasive Plants, Pesticide Drift,The University of Arizona: Arizona's Land Grant University

Fall 2021: EPA Final Evals: Herbicides, DEQ Winter Bird Count, Safe Use of Rodenticides


2022 Editions


Winter 2022:    Upcoming Draft Revised Pesticide Code, EPA Expands Pesticide Outreach & Education, Managing Pesticide Resistance