The Department initiated an internal composting project to showcase to the Community how composting works. What is compost? Compost is decomposed, once living material, such as fruit scraps and grass clippings. Why Compost? Composting recycles nutrients and organic material that can be broke down and added to your garden. Composting reduces green waste in landfills and sewage treatment plants.


To showcase composting, the Department constructed a garden to show how composting benefits a garden. A compost bin and garden were constructed from recycled materials, and it is safe to say that, composting and gardening can be done for a relatively low cost. The compost bin was made from milk crates and old felt strips and the boxed garden was made from old plywood. The plants growing in our garden today derive from native seeds that were collected from local seed banks. The collected seeds are planted in accordance to low desert planting and harvesting calendar. To add a little boost to the growth of our garden, we add coffee grounds to our compost, as well as directly to our garden. We collect our coffee grounds from within the Department, as well as from Kowee Coffee.


With these resources listed below, you can begin your journey in composting. Enjoy!


Compost Resources


Garden Resources




Community Members interested in starting a garden or in need of seeds, please contact:


Sonny Nieto