In order to monitor the regulated pesticide activities being conducted within the Community, the Pesticide Control Office utilizes permitting, certification and registration mechanisms.  These mechanisms allow the Office to schedule routine compliance inspections of pest management businesses, growers, and seed treaters in accordance with a Neutral Inspection Scheme (NIS).  The NIS allows for a non-arbitrary method of identifying inspection targets and the neutral selection of establishments for inspection.  This NIS was developed by the Office to meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the Community’s Pesticide Ordinance and the EPA Pesticide Collaborative Cooperative Agreement Guidance requirements.  All inspections shall be unannounced unless extenuating circumstances require scheduling.


The targeting criteria designed in the NIS are to ensure:


  • Equal treatment of all entities who conduct a pesticide regulated activity or operate a pest management business in the Community;
  • Inspections occur on a regular and consistent basis; and
  • No pesticide regulated activity, person, or pest management business is inspected at a greater frequency than others without justification.